Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Developments

In the book "Rossi's eCat" it was stated that the 1 MW demonstration was to take place somewhere in the US at the end of October.

Since publication it has emerged that Rossi's lawyers have advised him no longer to work with a prospective US customer, and so it looks like any new demonstration will not take place in the US.

Rossi himself wrote to me yesterday to say that he will be in Italy until the end of October, and then in Miami after that.

The inescapable solution is therefore that the 1 MW demonstration will now take place in Italy, most probably in Bologna on the 28th October 2011 - which incidentally is also Carl Johann Calleman's Mayan Calendar End-Date.

In the meantime there was a provisional demonstration of the eCat in Bologna on October 6th with perhaps inconclusive results.

October 28 should prove rather more interesting.

There is also a new online Forum Ecatfinance on which matters surrounding a new global financial system based on energy-money equivalence can be discussed